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Why Demonstrated Interest Matters

Selective colleges across the country receive tens of thousands of applications each year. That’s why admissions officers increasingly look at “demonstrated interest” as a factor in an applicant’s admission decision.

Demonstrated interest—or touch points, as I like to call them—can be a campus visit, participation in a college information session at your high school, attendance at a larger event or college fair in your city or region, or a binding, Early Decision application—in other words, any contact you have with an institution that shows your strong interest in the school.

According to a National Association of College Admissions Counselors (NACAC) survey on factors important in the admissions decision, 50 percent of colleges consider demonstrated interest of moderate importance and nearly 30 percent consider it of considerable importance. The bottom line: if you have a serious interest in an institution, make sure the college knows it. Find ways to make connections with the campus, its faculty, admissions staff, coaches, and others.