Kate Cleary established College Match Plus in 2014 to provide families practical advice and guidance in the college search and application process. Kate brings a wealth of experience and a unique insider perspective to college counseling. Prior to founding College Match Plus, Kate was a recruitment marketing and branding consultant for more than 25 years to colleges and universities nationwide as a senior consultant at the Baltimore-based firm Art & Science Group, one of the leading strategy consulting firms to higher education.

Through this experience, Kate developed extensive knowledge about college admissions working with private and public colleges and universities in every region of the country. As a consultant, she spent time on more than 150 college campuses working closely with college administrators, senior admissions officers, faculty, and students. In addition to gaining first-person insights and information about a wide range of colleges, Kate also developed a keen understanding of the inner workings of the modern admissions and financial aid office and how applications are evaluated and admissions decisions made.

Over the past two years, Kate has continued to visit college campuses, recognizing the importance of providing clients up-to-date information about a college’s academic offerings, student body, facilities, campus culture and other distinctions unique to that institution. Kate recently participated in the Independent Educational Consultants Association’s (IECA) week-long Summer Training Institute held at Swarthmore College to learn about the latest trends and developments in the college admissions world.

In addition to her professional experience, Kate has provided friends and acquaintances with college admissions and financial aid advice over many years and guided her own two sons through the competitive college admissions process (one is a graduate of Northwestern University, class of 2012 and the other a graduate of Emory University, class of 2014). Kate holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Colorado College.

Among the colleges College Match Plus students will be attending in the fall: Carnegie Mellon, New York University, Colby College, Colorado College, and Georgetown University.

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Kate Cleary meets with parents