University of Maryland Academic Building

University of Maryland

The University of Maryland is the crown jewel of the state’s public universities (now one of the best flagship public universities on the east coast). Admission is very competitive.

Strengths and Distinctions

  • Among the top 20 public research universities nationwide
  • Top 10 best entrepreneurial programs (Smith School of Business)
  • Close access to internship opportunities in DC, Annapolis, and Baltimore (metro stop on campus — 10 minutes to DC)
  • Over 90 undergraduate majors
  • Beautifully maintained and updated campus in a suburban setting (University has experienced the largest building boom in its 160-year history over the last 10 years).

Other Facts

  • Student-to-faculty ratio is, surprisingly, 16:1
  • Emphasis on smaller living and learning communities — students feel part of a close-knit community typically found at smaller colleges yet have access to the extensive resources of a research university.

Admission Facts

  • Priority application deadline is November 1. Honors scholars automatically selected from this pool of students
  • No personal or Skype interviews offered to prospective students
  • Highly informative and professional information session and good campus tour