Side by Side Photos

Insert side-by-side photos in a college profile:

  • Choose two photos, ideally of identical size, ideally ~800px wide. Place cursor on blank line in college profile edit page (Visual tab).
  • Media -> Add New.
  • Select a photo from the Library or click “Upload Files” and upload your photo.
  • Under Attachment Details, delete Title, add Alt Text, select Alignment: None, and Link to: Media File.
  • Click Insert Into Page.
  • Click the photo, click No Alignment.
  • Place cursor after photo, click Add Media, and choose upload another photo.
  • Click the second photo, click No Alignment.
  • If photos are not identically sized, do some algebra, switch to text tab, and enter ‘ style=”width:XX%” ‘ as an attribute for each photo. Make the two percentages add up to 97% – allows default 1.5% for space between, and 1.5% for margin of error. Using % units allows auto resizing according to changes in viewer window width.
  • Click Update.
  • In black band at top of page, click “View Page.”
  • Click Edit at bottom of post to make adjustments as necessary.

by Bruce Blackburn, May 19, 2018

The Carrier Dome, Syracuse UniversityShaffer Art Building, Syracuse University